Airbnb Regulations in Vail

So you’re excited to get involved with Airbnb, but then you notice something…

There are rules! It’s true, anytime you want to start your Airbnb means being a legal steward to respective communities. So, how do you do it for Vail?

The first step to operating intelligently is checking the local laws and regulations. Vail in particular has a few important things to keep in mind when running your Airbnb. Before becoming operational, the city requires every homeowner to obtain a Short-Term Rental (STR) license. You get this at the town government website. You’ll have to sign an affidavit acknowledging life safety, parking, trash, and noise regulations. This way, everyone can operate with safely and legally through the city. Next, you need to assign an “Agent” for your home operation.  This person must be within a 60 minute distance of the short term rental unit and available 24/7 to respond to complaints.

Although this contact can be you, many people hire outside management agencies (like Away Agents) to professionally overlook your STR. Another important aspect is taxes. In Colorado, any STR operator needs to pay Sales Tax. Additionally, Vail has a lodging tax that needs to be paid on every reservation as a way to support local infrastructure. Typically, taxes total between 8-12 percent. 

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