What is the Average Daily Rate for Airbnb in Vail?

The amount that can be made through Airbnb is different in every market, but you’ve heard the potential so how do the actual numbers look?

Vail, among all vacation rental markets, comes close to the number one spot. Offering value year round, the valley plays a pivotal role in the Airbnb market that’s hard to fill anywhere else. Skiing, golfing, and everything in between means a higher Average Daily Rate (ADR); however, what is considered “high”? 

In 2018, Vail’s Annual ADR came in at a whopping $461. That is over three times higher than the national annual average daily rate of $127!

Of course, there will always be better years and differences between units, but the fact remains that Vail’s market is one of the best in the country. The vast range of available real estate combined with a strong tourism market means anyone can get their start. For more info, visit us at www.awayagents.com/getstarted today!

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