Optimize Your Short Term Rental Listing in Vail

It’s a thought we all have, “How could I do this better?” Or maybe, “How could I make more?” The answer to questions such as these is not always simple, especially when it comes to your own vacation rental. With the complications of listing on multiple platforms, providing a consistent guest experience, and doing it all legally, it can begin to be overwhelming.

Although it’s often complicated to navigate running a short term rental, there are a few defined and proven tactics for success. Always think: what can I do once and repeat over and over?

One of the first and easiest things to do in order to optimize your short term rental is to take professional pictures. Clean and clear photographs display the true value of your listing and often attract more guests. In fact, these pictures don’t even need to be taken on a professional camera; often enough a high quality phone camera job will do the trick! Platforms like Airbnb actually prioritize listings with higher resolution photographs. Plus, photos are a classic example of “one and done”. You take them once and use them forever.

Another key optimization strategy is to set up automated messaging. Auto messages take the headache and worry out of everyday reservations. Start by running your reservation manually and copy and pasting your responses to common questions. Your check-in policy, driving directions, or “standard welcome” (stuff like “let me know if you’re running a little late, just call me on my cell!”) should all go into a Word document or be saved as email drafts. Then you have two choices. For most people, just copying and pasting the messages yourself every time you get a new question will be a big time saver. If you have more than one property and are really getting swamped, consider purchasing property management software like Guesty. They make automation even easier.

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