Airbnb Management in Vail

The joys of being a landlord are well documented: getting a good property in the first place and keeping it in shape, 3 AM phone calls about the water heater, noise complaints from the neighbors, etc. You can take this hassle and triple it with AirBnB. It’s not that the platform has unusually bad tenants—in fact, their rating system helps keep the bad ones out. It’s just that when you have people turning over constantly, the problems are also constant.

Airbnb in Vail, CO is both a dream and a nightmare. A dream because with high daily rates ($461 on average!) and a constant flow of visitors (1.3 million a year), it’s a lucrative market. But it’s also a nightmare because it’s ultra-competitive. From the professional photos and descriptions to behind-the-scenes pricing wizardry, to navigating the area’s short term rental rules, it’s not a game for the weak of heart. And because Vail requires a local agent within 60 minutes of the property to be available 24/7…unless you live there, you’re out of luck. Might as well get a degree to understand everything fully!

That’s why Airbnb management is such an important service in Vail. Our approach is concierge-like, white glove, and turnkey. Furthermore, we get paid on a percentage of the income we bring to you. We’ve got skin in the game and are motivated to get you as many bookings, and at as high of a rate, as possible.

Here’s what we do.

Property Research: You may have a property already. If not, we’re your eyes and ears. We do detailed market analysis on key metrics, then assign likely properties a proprietary Away Agents score. We recommend properties, present them to you…basically everything but sign the paperwork.

Room setup: We get your property ready to shine, positioning it for maximum impact.

Security: We get you up-to-date with remote access security systems to protect your asset and keep your guests safe (a definite bonus on your listing).

Create processes: We simplify communication and create processes to handle day-to-day operation of your property. You can have as much or as little contact with us as you’d like.

Photo + Video: We bring in the professionals to make your property look as good as possible on Airbnb.

Multi-Platform Marketing: We put you not just on AirBnB, but VRBO and several other platforms as well.

Everything else: We handle the day to day operations, cleaning, and logistics. All you do is watch the money roll in.

AirBnB management in Vail is our forte. We’d be happy to talk about how we might be able to help you reach your goals!

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