Optimize Your VRBO Listing in Vail

Listing on VRBO can be extremely profitable, but it’s also extremely competitive. We manage numerous properties and have learned the tricks of the trade. Here are several things you can do to stand out in a crowded field.

Say It Loud and Proud: Ski-In, Ski-Out

Is your property ski-in, ski-out? Say that right in the title. This will cause it to rank higher, get seen more, and ultimately get more bookings. If not, shout out other amenities. A gym? A private garden? A hot tub and bearskin rug? Be creative and lead with your strong suit.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Dollars

YOU know your property is clean, comfortable, and doesn’t have weird stains on the walls. (At least we hope so). Your customer? They don’t know that. Nothing sets the mind at ease like high quality professional photographs. Let us see the shine of sunlight on the marble countertops, the blue of the mountain sky out the dining room windows, the shiny stainless steel of your fancy espresso machine. Fluffy towels, creative art, plush bedspreads…the more you show, the more people will go. Make sure your photos are high resolution and when possible wide angle, because VRBO actually has a feature to flag low-quality photos. Doubt your abilities? VRBO has a recommendation page for professional photographers. See, they want you to succeed too. If you sign with Away Agents, then we can all succeed together at virtually no work to you!

Tell A Story

VRBO lets you upload up to 50 photos, so why only upload 4? It’s the same with writing. Remember, this is a “do it once and earn forever” type situation, so put some time and thought into it. Your goal isn’t a succinct tweet, and for goodness’ sake, you’re not trying to preserve “mystery”. (“Mystery” in a home listing means people go to the next listing). Spell It Out. Tell them exactly what they can expect at your place and definitely mention the fun personal touches they can’t get at some generic hotel.

Automate Messages

This one is more like “optimize your own sanity”, but it definitely connects to someone’s VRBO experience. Pre-write your welcome messages with all the details and save them in a Google doc or email draft. This does two things for you: it makes your life so much easier, and it means each guest will get a consistent experience with all the details.

Pay Attention

When someone reviews your property, read that review carefully. Take it to heart. Then craft a careful response addressing their concerns or praise. This is the way to show you care about the customer and also gives you an opportunity to manage negative remarks by providing some context.

Now it’s time to step out there and create your listing. By following these guidelines, you should be successful in getting bookings.

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