Airbnb Regulations in Avon

Short term rentals are a booming industry in Colorado’s hot vacation spots. Places like Vail, Avon, and Breckenridgemore are generally seeing more and more reservations on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and other sites. But with any industry comes regulation, and if you’re not aware of the rules it could cost you big in fines, tax penalties, or even getting shut down. Here are the Airbnb regulations in Avon.

Get Permission

First, know that short-term rentals are LEGAL in Avon…mostly. An overlay district ( covers much of the valley, but generally does not apply to properties zoned PUD. Here are PUD properties that allow short term rentals:

  • Brookside Park
  • Canyon Run
  • Chapel Square
  • Chateau St. Claire (The Ascent)
  • Falcon Pointe
  • Lakeside Terrace
  • Lot C (Sheraton Mountain Vista)
  • Riverfront Subdivision (Westin)
  • Stonebridge Cluster Homes

If you’re still looking for a property, make sure to get one in either a PUD area named above or in one of the standard zone districts covered by the overlay district.

What if you already own a property in an excluded area and still want to follow Avon Airbnb regulations? You can apply for a PUD amendment. For more information on this process, please contact Community Development at (970) 748-4030.

Finally, if you still have doubts check with your HOA if short term rentals are allowed.

Get Licensed

Your STR Business License is $75 and can be applied for online. (’ll also have to apply for a sales tax license through the town of Avon (, along with the state of Colorado ( You’re required to list your short-term rental Business License Number on all advertisements, including your Airbnb listing.

Pay Your Taxes

Avon’s tax is 8% (4% sales, 4% accommodations). There is also a 1.5% Eagle County tax, a 2.9% state sales tax, and a local marketing district tax. The good news is Airbnb collects and remits these taxes for you in Avon!

Be Safe

Avon wants to keep its renters safe. So you’ll need to make sure carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms and egress windows are in good working order and handrails are in place. 

If you have questions please feel free to contact We’re here to help!

Crunchy legal details here:

Definition:Section 3.28.020.

Zoning Requirements Overlay District: Section 7.20.090

Ordinance No 09-12– Short Term Overlay Zone District

Business License Section 5.04.050–Advertisement of Accommodations

Section 5.04.090–Required-fee-application

Sales and Accommodations Taxes: Section 3.08.030–Sales TaxSection 3.28.030–Public Accommodations Tax

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