Optimize Your Airbnb Listing in Avon

Avon is a promising short term rental market with an average daily rate of $468 and a good tourist crowd, but it’s also competitive. With 1,427 active rentals in the region on Airbnb or Homeaway, you need to optimize your Airbnb listing to get the most out of your experience!

Work Your Photo Mojo

Airbnb’s algorithms prioritize higher resolution photos, and more views means more bookings. Get a professional with a wide-angle lens if you aren’t up to the task. (You might not be. You’re up against pros on Airbnb).

Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Do you have a hot tub, balcony, or other notable feature? Put that right in the headline on Airbnb. Spell out your property’s benefits in the text, using subheadings to make your key points. Also, make sure to list all your amenities (even the silly stuff like coffee makers) because sometimes people put a search filter for those things. One sneaky trick is to play up the fact that you or your family are hosting it to catch the people who want a one-of-a-kind, non-corporate experience. Take that, Marriott!

List It Again, Sam

This isn’t exactly a way to optimize your Airbnb listing, but why not list on VRBO and/or Homeaway as well? A larger audience means more options. We’d suggest using Guesty or a similar platform so you don’t get mixed up (it’s awful to have a double booking–we’ve seen it once or twice and it’s not fun to resolve).

Play With Price

The average revenue across listing platforms in Avon is $1,470 in October. And only 23% of days are booked. Compare that to March, when 67% of days are booked and revenue is $9,293! Unlike a W2 job, income from seasonal rentals is anything but steady. This means you’ll raise prices in peak season and lower them during the dead times. 

Airbnb, which only gets paid when you do, will actually suggest price breaks or raises depending on the season. But its recommendations can be a little aggressive, and you don’t *have* to listen to them. One seasonal resort experimented with both higher and lower Airbnb rates and found it wasn’t necessary to offer steep discounts just to fill cabins. In Avon, the average booking is 72 days out. A good way to split the difference is to keep your prices high further out, and in the last couple of weeks drop the rates to fill spots that are still empty.

Photos, text, multiple listings, and some price manipulation should help you get the maximum return on your Avon Airbnb property.

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