Short Term Rental Regulations in Avon

The Vail Valley is a popular destination with a lot of tourists (1.3 million a year!). It’s also exploded with short term rental listings, as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway have all spiked in popularity over the past few years. In response, most communities within the valley have come up with their own set of short term rental regulations—and some can be quirky.

In Vail, for example, you need to designate a “Local Agent” responsible for addressing complaints around the clock. And Aspen launched a campaign to use software to track down short term renters who aren’t playing by the rules.

Avon, “the heart of the valley”, has fairly straightforward regulations. First, short term rentals are generally legal. That’s because an overlay zone district covers most of the town, and within that district short term rentals are allowed. Certain Planned Unit Developments are also legal for short term rentals: 

  • Brookside Park
  • Canyon Run
  • Chapel Square
  • Chateau St. Claire (The Ascent)
  • Falcon Pointe
  • Lakeside Terrace
  • Lot C (Sheraton Mountain Vista)
  • Riverfront Subdivision (Westin)
  • Stonebridge Cluster Homes

If your property is not covered by the overlay zone district or part of one of the PUDs above, you’ll have to ask for an amendment.

Next, you’ll need to be set up to pay taxes. Depending on the platform you use to list your property, you may be able to get away without much filing (some platforms automatically remit taxes for you). But to do it yourself, there are sales taxes in Avon itself, and to get a sales tax license you’ll have to contact salestax@avon.orgor call (970) 748-4019. You’ll also need to check with the state of Colorado. Forgetting to pay or file taxes can be costly, as you’ll have to pay penalties and interest in addition to the tax that is due! 

Finally, you’ll need an operational carbon monoxide detector on your property within 15 feet of every bedroom. 

That’s it for short term rental regulations in Avon specifically. Platforms like Airbnb or VRBO may impose their own rules and policies, but the legal side is straightforward. For more information, or to see the overlay zone district boundaries, check out the Town of Avon’s short term rental regulations page.

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