What is the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for Airbnb in Avon?

Across all rentals in Avon, the Average Daily Rate is a little over $460. But that varies depending on the season and size of the property.

In February, which is the high point for rentals, the ADR for Airbnb in Avon is $679. But in May, that drops to $305! Occupancy swings widely as well, with 23% occupancy in October but 67% occupancy in March (the average is 42%). Naturally, this leads to some serious revenue swings. The average is $4331 per month, but that shakes out as $9319 in the high occupancy month of March and falls to $1470 in October.

66% of rentals on the market are two bedroom (30%) or three bedrooms (36%). Only 11% are studios or 5+ bedroom mansions.

But the short term rental market keeps growing. There were 498 active rentals in Q2 of 2016, and 1422 now! 

Airdna (the research site we use) gives Avon an investability score of 97/100. The average daily rate for Airbnb in Avon compares favorably to the national average of $127, and home prices are low enough compared to the nightly rates that it’s an extremely favorable market.

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