VRBO Regulations in Avon

The sharing economy is supposed to be simple. You’re just renting out a house…not starting a multinational pharmaceutical company! And yet, you want to obey the law. The Town of Avon has a fairly simple overview of its rental policies on its website. Here’s a summary that tells you what you need to know.

The Taxman Cometh

VRBO collects taxes for you for the state of Colorado. But it does not collect or remit taxes from the Town of Avon. You’ll have to collect and remit the 8% taxes (4% sales, 4% lodging) yourself online.

Check Your Location

Short term rentals (defined as rentals for 30 consecutive days or less) are not allowed in certain parts of Avon. There’s a map showing the Short Term Rental Overlay zone district where such rentals are allowed, and several Planned Unit Development areas allow it as well.

    • Brookside Park

    • Canyon Run

    • Chapel Square

    • Chateau St. Claire (The Ascent)

    • Falcon Pointe

    • Lakeside Terrace

    • Lot C (Sheraton Mountain Vista)

    • Riverfront Subdivision (Westin)

    • Stonebridge Cluster Homes

If you’re not on the list, you may be able to apply for a PUD amendment to allow for a short term rental anyway, but that’s not guaranteed.

Get Licensed

Assuming you’re clear to rent your unit out for vacationers, you will need to spend $75 a year to get a license. This is the same site where you’ll file returns and make payments online. Please note that for legal compliance purposes, you need to use your Business License Number in all advertising. Your VRBO listing therefore needs to include the phrase “Avon Business License No. [insert number]”. 

Back to Basics

That’s really all you need to worry about from a rental-specific standpoint. Beyond that, you just need to ensure the basic safety of your renters! Make sure carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, and egress windows are operational and put handrails in place.

If you have more questions about VRBO regulations, please get in touch at scott@awayagents.com. We’ll talk you through the requirements for Avon, and how we can help you stay compliant as the laws change.

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