What is the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for a Short Term Rental in Avon?

The Average Daily Rate for a short term rental in Avon is $461. That’s according to Airdna, the research site we like using to check out ROI on properties for our clients. But there’s a lot to unpack there, because let’s face it—“average daily rate” isn’t much more useful for rental projections than “average US income” is for planning your retirement.

First, some historic perspective. In September of 2016, only 100 properties were booked. The short term rental market was newer and less established, with an Average Daily Rate of $276. Two years later, that number had risen to 743 bookings at $371 per night. Because ADR is such a seasonal thing in Avon, it is at its highest in winter, and January 2019 showed a stunning $645 daily rate.

So the trend is moving upwards quickly as more and more people enter the short term rental game. And yet Airdna considers Avon one of the top places in the country to invest in. That’s because after comparing the average rental income to the average house price in 2000 global Airbnb markets, Avon stacks up extremely favorably. Simply put, Avon house prices haven’t yet caught up to Avon short term rental income potential. We’re not going to act like a furniture store and say “buy now because these rates won’t last!”, but let’s just say there’s a reason Avon is one of the first markets we entered.

Back to the math. Average monthly revenue is $4,331. It hits a low of $1470 in October (no wonder, average occupancy is 23%) but rises to $9319 in March (when occupancy is 67%). At 12 months a year, that’s $52,000!

For more facts and figures, including property-specific breakdowns of homes you’re interested in, we do custom research reports. You can get more information with scott@awayagents.com.

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