What is the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for a Short Term Rental in Eagle-Vail?

Eagle-Vail’s (EVs) ADR comes out to an annual average of a whopping $502 across all properties — but what goes into that?

What makes Eagle-Vail’s ADR so desirable?

A lot goes into calculating ADRs such as supply, demand, location, and a host of property variables (we recommend reading up on ADR here if you haven’t already). But perhaps one of the best explanations as to why EVs ADR is so high is location. Conveniently located just minutes between two of Colorado’s most premier ski resorts means high demand. Additionally, EVs ADR has historically remained high due to insufficient units to match the demand. Why? Eagle-Vail is located in the beautiful Vail valley! 

Although supply and demand play a large role in determining EVs ADR, so do the properties located in the area. With anything from a lock off to an entire house available for rent, square footage and amenities call for higher asking prices. There’s even an elevation change within the neighborhood meaning units higher up could potentially ask for higher prices thus further increasing EVs ADR. The community also has a golf course, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and a newly built heated pool that are available for use in the warmer months.

Eagle-Vail’s active rental market size
Avon (81620) boasts 1,448 active rentals in which nearly 200 are from Eagle-Vail alone. Of these rentals 32% are listed on Airbnb only, 30% are on Homeaway only, and 38% are listed on both. With so many properties there are many rental options ranging from 1-4+ bedrooms. The market in EV does not provide consumers with nearly enough options when it comes to “private bedroom” rentals! So whether you’re looking at making big rates, or you just want to rent out a room, Eagle-Vail is the place for you.

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